Dreams of down under – WA – Perth to Cliff Head

Dreams of down under – WA – Perth to Cliff Head

5184 3456 Linus Nylund

Perth, Pinnacles and Cliffs Head

The day before yesterday we left Thailand after 2 amazing months in Khao Lak. We flew via Bangkok and after 6 quite breezy hours, as we managed to sleep through most of them, we arrived in Perth in time for a nice relaxing breakfast at the airport before picking up our camper van.

As we pulled out with our quite large and very tall camper van our next mission was to get used to driving on the left hand side, a somewhat nerve racking experience, but after driving a few times around the block managing to turn and end up on the right (left) side of the road we felt brave enough to venture out on the main road and on towards our next destination which was the nearest shopping center to get supplies for our 4 day road trip up the coast to Exmouth.

We stayed in Perth the first night and we found a camp site called Burns Beach Sunset which was right next to the beach and it felt amazing to sit in our camper van watching the sunset and drinking a cold beer. We were both feeling very tired after a day of shopping and the adventure of left hand driving and after figuring out how to make the bed in the camper van we both fell asleep around 8:30. We woke up to a beautiful sunrise lit ocean and after grabbing a coffee at the local cafe we went for a short walk along the coast before starting our journey towards our first stop which was the Pinnacle Desert.

The drive from Perth to the Pinnacles was about 2 hours and the deep and earthy warm colors of the nature is just beautiful and the vastness of the landscape reminded us of our road trips in the US. The Pinnacles was a very bizarre place with strange rocks spread out over the desert. The pinnacles stretch over a large area and as we walked around we saw pinnacles shaped as vikings, birds, shoes, batman and many more things and you can really let your imagination run wild in this place.

After a short lunch in the car park at Pinnacles we continued our journey towards Cliffs Head and our next camp site. We arrived in the afternoon and enjoyed yet another beautiful sunset by the ocean.

It is now 8:30 at night as we are writing this post. Outside the sky is lit with stars, the temperature has dropped and it I feels cosy to sit inside and listen to the ocean. It is truly wonderful and such a blessing to be on this adventure and for Malin it feels very surreal to be in Oz once again and for Linus it is a dream come true to visit this beautiful continent.