Back to our Thailand home

Back to our Thailand home

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Back to our Thailand home

This past Sunday the time had come – next stop Thailand and the start of our 10 month adventure.

We were very nervous about checking in our bags as we were quite certain that their immense weight would give us some nasty financial surprises, but our joy was complete when we realised that we could use a self-service bag drop and the machine accepted our bags without fuzz – phew!

After a surprisingly comfortable and quick flight where we enjoyed a couple of movies including ”3 billboards outside Ebbing Missouri” (strongly recommend seeing it) we breezed through immigration, got our bags and as we walked outside the airport to meet our pick up we were stunned by the heat and the smells that brought back so many memories. It felt so amazing to be back and even more so as we took our first steps on the beach at Memories and felt the sand between our toes.

We have now been here 5 days already and we have spent our days surfing, catching up with old friends, having delicious food, sunset drinks and our ghost-like skin has slowly started to tan.

The day before yesterday our friend Bibi took us to a temple in Khuk Khak where 150 monks from all around Thailand had gathered. It was extremely hot at the temple and basically no wind so we tried to find as much shade as possible as we listened to the prayer and words of wisdom delivered by the head monk. After this all of the 150 monks walked past us in a row and it was our job to give each monk some of the rice we had brought with us. It was quite difficult to keep up and apparently we gave the first ones too much and a kind Thai lady standing next to us told us how much to give each. It was great to experience this as neither of us had been to temple before and it felt good to get a bit closer to our Buddhist friends culture.

Tomorrow we will have another reunion as we take out our dive gear and visit the dive site Boonsung Wreck which used to be the final dive of the liveaboards we used to work on. We have probably done this dive between 50-100 times and it will be great to see this old friend again.

Life is good 🙂