Daytripping with family and friends

Daytripping with family and friends

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Two days of amazing nature

After recovering from our amazing wedding day and party it was time to do some exploration.

On the first day of exploration we head out to the Surin National Park to do some snorkeling and we were amazed to see how well the corals were doing. When we left Thailand in 2012 much of the shallow parts of the reed was badly damaged and bleeched and now even the coral at 2 meters depth were very healthy and abundant.

The second day we head up to Khao Sok National Park and the Rachaprapa Dam which is an artificial lake surrounded by djungle and lime stone mountains. We head out in long tail boats and had lunch at the floating raft houses. It is such a stunning scenery with the turqoise water, grey mountains and thick rainforest all in one place.

It was really wonderful to spend these two days with many of our guests and explore these two beautiful national parks together.