Dreams of down under – WA – Lyndon River to Exmouth

Dreams of down under – WA – Lyndon River to Exmouth

2000 1500 Linus Nylund

A couple of Roos, tons of coral and a reunion

Our campsite in the barren landscape at Lyndon River had one of the most spectacular starry skies we’ve ever seen, and waking up there the sunrise was just as spectacular. We set off around 7am to head for Coral Bay, to check the place out and maybe have our first dip in the big blue.

The journey was just 40 minutes and we arrived in a town, that was a lot smaller than we expected. Our friend Tyler had gives us a tip of a bakery there so we headed there for some delicious pies for brekkie.

With our bellies filled we asked the information centre for a good place to jump in to snorkel, and just a few hundred meters walk from the beach parking lot was the point of entry for a little drift snorkel along the coast.

The temperature of the water definitely chilled us to start with but just a few meters from the shore healthy, colourful corals grew, and the further we swam out the better they got. It felt really emotional to see a reef in such a perfect and strong state which such a diversity of species growing everywhere. Some of the standouts was the cabbage coral and the thickest stag horn coral we’ve ever seen.

We lasted just under an hour in the water before our fingers and toes started to get numb from the cold and it was time to head back to land again. It felt so amazing to be in the ocean again and that we finally got to see a part of Ningaloo Reef.

With everything packed up it was time for the last stretch up to Exmouth, and it really felt like being on the final lap in a long race travelling those last kilometers after 4 days on the road.

When we finally arrived we headed straight for Froth Craft Brewery where Linus old friend Tyler is part owner and the master brewer. It felt amazing to meet up with Tyler, and even though it was 11 years they met it felt like yesterday and we picked up right were we left of. He treated us to some of the delicious pub food and of course a frothy, cold, brew that was fantastic!

Later in the afternoon we headed back to his place to meet the whole family, MJ and their little boy Koa. After a short hello it was time to head out in his boat from the harbour a couple of minutes away. Apparently it is Humpback Whale season at the moment in Exmouth, and we headed out in hopes of seeing one. It took us like 2 minutes and we saw our first big black lump breaching the water and we spent 1 hour being surrounded by Humpback showing off their iconic tails and flippers in a stunning sunset. We still can’t believe that just happened!

We got back to their place, had some delicious food, more catching up and some playtime with Koa and their 2 dogs, Sitka and Taj. So stoked to be here, and can’t wait for what tomorrow brings!