Dreams of down under – WA – Monkey Mia to Lyndon River

Dreams of down under – WA – Monkey Mia to Lyndon River

4377 2918 Linus Nylund

Dolphins and driving straight…  straight…  straight…  straight… straight… straight… CURVE 😀 straight… straight… straight…  straight… straight… straight… TURN 😀 straight… straight…

We had set the alarm for 6:30m to get up in time for the dolphin feeding. We woke up to a spectacular pink cloud formation in the sky and started to make our way down towards the area of the beach where the dolphin experience was to be. These dolphins are wild “resident” dolphins and every morning they tend to come in to say hello and get some fish.

It was really nice to see this type of tourism done in a very conscious way. We were only allowed into ankle high water to observe the dolphins as they swam by hunting small fish and checking us out. The rangers walked in the water along the line of people and some of the dolphins were behaving very dog-like and swam right next to the rangers probably knowing that food was coming.

After a 20 minute conservation talk/“dolphin walk” 3 volunteers entered the water to let a few chosen visitors give the dolphins some fish. They only feed 5 adult dolphins, they sometimes have 20 dolphins come in, and each dolphin gets a maximum of 4 fish to make sure that the feeding doesn’t disrupt their natural behaviour.

Apparently this experience has changed a lot since it started and before there was much more interaction with the dolphins and they were feeding them much more which had changed the dolphins behaviour and many calves had died as the mothers didn’t go out hunting as much. Luckily they realised this and it was great to see the consideration and respect they were giving these beautiful animals today making this experience sustainable and enjoyable for generations to come.

After the dolphin experience we went back to the camper van for some breakfast before starting our journey for the day, a six hour drive up to Lyndon River. Soon after leaving Monkey Mia rainclouds appeared and we started our drive in a gentle drizzle and after a short coffee break in Denham we drove back over the peninsula and the rain and fog rendered the landscape very different from the day before.

As we drove to Monkey Mia Linus had seen a road sign that read “Whale Bones” which had spiked his curiosity and we decided to check it out. About 200 meters in however way decided that the dirt road we travelled on really was not ment for our camper van and we turned around. Half way over the peninsula we stopped at a very bizarre place called Shell Beach. From a distance it looks like a normal white sand beach, but as the name suggests the “sand” is made entirely of sea shells. As the rain was getting more intense here we only made a short stop but it was a very intriguing place.

Driving in Australia, we’ve noticed, takes you along many VERY straight roads and today was the first day Linus felt the roads getting a bit monotonous and we took a couple of extra leg stretchers to maintain focus while driving. It’s easy to underestimate how tiring it is going straight, and then straight and so on for a few hours. The vastness of the landscape is really spectacular though and it is also so much greener than we expected and along the road we’ve seen lots of meadows full of flowers in yellow, white and purple which looks amazing against the red sand and thorny bushes.

As we stopped for toilet break in the late afternoon Linus found a Red Back spider in the sand which was actually quite beautiful, but nice to watch from a distance.

Every now and again a “watch out for kangaroo’s”-sign has popped up next to the road and we have kept our eyes peeled for these iconic creatures hoping to see them and as the sun was setting it finally happened. Two kangaroo’s jumped across the road – luckily at a safe distance from our car.

We pulled up in Lyndon River West Rest camp site just after the sun had set and after dinner we stood outside for a while just taking in the breathtaking star lit sky.

Tomorrow we start our final stretch to Exmouth and Ningaloo Reef. Now time to sleep. 🙂