Dreams of the Andaman Sea

Dreams of the Andaman Sea

3100 1720 Linus Nylund

36 amazing dives

In the weeks after the wedding we were lucky enough to go out on 3 wonderful liveaboard trips and do some awesome diving.

It was amazing to see all these great divesites again and we were so happy to see how well the coral was doing. When we left Thailand in 2012 it was quite damaged because of the bleeching and to see the amount of regrowth that has happened in a relatively short space of time was amazing!

Not only was the coral looking great the sea was teaming with life and we saw eagle rays, reef sharks, guitar sharks, whale sharks and humphead parrot fish which we have never seen before in the Similans and the pelagic fish were abundant and active.

Being back in the Similans again also brought back many memories of our first time together as we started our relationship working out here.

Watching the sun rise over a calm ocean is an breathtaking experience that we never grow tired of and to share it with so many new and old friends is amazing.

A big thank you also to Wicked Diving Thailand and Big Blue Diving Khao Lak for the amazing trips!

Linus took the GoPro for a spin and you can watch the highlights from our diving adventure in the video below.