Dreams of down under – WA – Cliff Head to Monkey Mia

Dreams of down under – WA – Cliff Head to Monkey Mia

2000 1500 Linus Nylund

Day 2 on the road

Waking up at our desolated campsite, Cliff Head North, we noticed two things. First that the sun was rising, coloring the sky and sea in a spectacular gradient and secondly that Australia can be pretty cold in the morning hours of winter. Linus even managed to blow smoke out of his mouth, inside our camper. Apparently it was around 7 degrees but felt like 3. Quite a huge difference from the tropical climate we both have acclimatized to the last couple of months.

We set off after a quick breakfast, next stop Geraldton to get some warmer clothes and some supplies. Geraldton is one of the bigger towns in WA, in no means huge but still sizable and a good place to stock up. The small part we saw seemed quaint and it had some nice shops and most importantly, fantastic coffee at the hipster café Pilot Lane.

Sipping our delicious brew, and with newly acquired warm and fuzzy clothing we drove on towards Monkey Mia, an almost 5 hour drive north. Shortly after Geraldton we were surprised to see the scenery change to a souped up version of England, with fields of “Raps” as far as the eye could see among green rolling hills. We thought the landscape was just going to get browner and browner the further north we got, and considering we already visited a desert yesterday we definitely didn’t expect lush fields.

The green landscape lasted about an hour and then the savanna and desert feel started again with bushland, wild flowers and sand ranging from beige, brown to deep red.

Our destination Monkey Mia is situated on quite a large peninsula, larger than we expected. From the main highway it takes about 2 hours to get out there, and the roads had some of the longest straight parts so far which can be quite mind-numbing. Luckily the sea took over more and more the further out we got and in the afternoon sun the scenery was breathtaking.

We arrived at the campsite just in time to enjoy a cold brew and a spectacular sunset and we happily noticed that the temperature had risen a bit up here.

Tomorrow dolphins awaits!