Koh Phra Thong camping trip

Koh Phra Thong camping trip

3616 2712 Linus Nylund

Island paradise

Sitting in our bungalow one afternoon our friend Ching came by and asked us if we wanted to go to Koh Phra Thong. We never heard of the place so naturally we said yes! The trip was going to take place in a couple of days, and apparently we were staying overnight as well.

When the day finally arrived we found out that we were picking up some local kids and Chings daughter that were going to join us for the trip. Ching explained that he does a couple of camping trips like this every season with local kids to let them go out on an adventure that they normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to do and learn a few basic things about camping while doing it.


It took us about 2 hours to reach the island, 1 hour in car and 1 hour in a long tail boat. Our jaws dropped when we saw the set up of the island and Tawan Bar where we where staying. Perfect empty beach with a tiny island outside with a surrounding house reef next to a post card perfect crescent bay. Absolutely stunning! The day and night where spent fishing, snorkelling, kayaking and even a safari trip with Pih-Sak, the owners, home built tractor.

Pih-Sak and his wife were the only people working in this beautiful wooden bungalows, bar and restaurant of which they had built everything by themselves and they where super friendly.

We are definitely coming back to this secluded paradise again!