Malinus said yes!

Malinus said yes!

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A magic night

The big day had finally arrived when we got to celebrate our relationship with so many of our family and friends.

The ceremony was planned for 5:30 pm and during the afternoon the sky opened and we thought we might have a very wet ceremony. However the weather gods were on our side and the rain held up so that we could have our ceremony and get a few photos taken before the sky opened up again. Our good friend Keith was our celebrant and we loved the warm relaxed and happy atmosphere he created during the ceremony. We did our walk in together after meeting up on the beach to a medley from the soundtrack from ”Finding Nemo”. We both felt very teary and quite nervous as we walked up towards the ”gate”, but as the music was turned down the keyboard standing next to us surprised us by playing an elevator auto tune which blew away any sense of nerves and we all had a good laugh.

We were amazed at the amount of detail and effort our incredible wedding planner and her team had put into the wedding area and decorations – it was stunning!

The rain contributed to creating a warm and fuzzy feeling as everyone huddled up below the roofed area around the bar and we enjoyed delicious Thai food, pancakes and coconut icecream followed by adorable cup cakes.

As the night progressed the rain disapeared and the boys at Memories held a fire show for us which ended with us setting fire to our initials and a heart. After that the dancefloor opened and we danced barefoot in the sand under the stars.

As a final blessing the ocean was filled with bioluminescense that night and Linus and a few friends played in the water for an hour marvelling at the light show their movement created.

It was a magic night that gave us so many great memories of laughter, love and friendship. Words cannot express how grateful we feel to get to share this life with so many awesome people and that we are now starting this new chapter of our lives <3