Wrecked – Our first dives back into the blue

Wrecked – Our first dives back into the blue

4000 3000 Linus Nylund

Bonsung Wreck

After a few days getting settled in down here we had the opportunity to visit one of our favourite dive sites, the Bonsung Wreck with our friends from Wicked Diving. Most dive sites in the Khao Lak area are quite remote but this one is easy accessable with a long tail boat, just 20-30 minutes boat ride from the shore.

There’s a sandy bottom around the area with not many features so this wreck has turned into a perfect artificial reef and now host more fish per square meter than any other site we’ve been to. The juveniles move in there for some shelter, which attracts predators and just watching the hunt and gigantic schools are something we’ll never get bored of. Our first dives also meant the perfect opportunity to try out the new camera and it’s looking promising. Linus took these photos and made the video without the dive light, when we have that installed it should make for some spectacular footage during the trip 😀

So happy to be back in the water again!